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Celebrate food!

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Food is at the heart for most people, so make any event no different. Whether you are organising a corporate event, getting married or host a party, people are always going to expect great quality food.

To host an event that people aren't going to forget, a theme is always a great start. We don't always mean that you need to wear fancy dress or go mad with the decorations, but you can simply incorporate a theme into your food.

From all-over the world there is plenty of inspiration that you can draw from to get a great theme. As caters we know how important great food is so here are some great food themes that can bring a lot of excitement to your event.

- The best of British. A lot of us Brits can be very patriotic when it comes to our country and celebrating our history. From the great British bake off to fish and chips there's plenty of great food related themes that can incorporate Great Britain. Plus, a British theme can often provide all of our childhood favourites too. You could even create an indoors British street party.

- National cream tea day is actually a thing. And any good party involves tea and cakes. This is a great theme for daytime. You can make it as grown up and elegant as you need it to be. Just remember that you'll need plenty of cups and saucers.

- A Bollywood theme is great for getting everyone up and dancing. And with Indian cuisine a favourite of a lot of Brits, your food choices will suit most people. The bright colours and energy will make everyone enjoy the event.

- A Jamaican theme can be a little bit more unusual and with flavour a big factor of Caribbean cooking, it can make an event. From jerk chicken, to seasoned rice, add the flare of the Caribbean to your event. It may surprise people that not everything from Jamaica uses Levi Roots!

- If the weather is on your side, go for a barbeque themed. Despite the UK's terrible reputation for a sun filled summer we Brits love a great barbecue! From traditional burger to exciting side dishes, make your barbeque one they can't forget!

Food is the centre of any event, so make sure you get yours spot on!

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