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The rise of local foods

Barnes Catering

In the past few years the importance of locally sourced foods has taken a big increase. Almost becoming a trend for clients to ask for foods from the local area.

Locally sourced produce, from meats, cheeses and vegetables are all being requested across the catering industry. Plus, using locally sourced food provides fresher goods as it's faster to deliver.

Local food tastes better because it's fresh. Plastic-wrapped vegetables don't taste as good as produce picked, cleaned and cooked within 24 hours of them leaving the ground. Locally sourced produce is able to retain the flavour compared produce that has travelled the length of the country or even a continent.

Having local produce inspires seasonal dishes for restaurants and catering companies. Menus are created based on the year round crop planting, meaning certain produce may only be available for short periods of time such as rhubarb and red cabbage. However, eating seasonally means that food, especially fruit and vegetables taste even better.

At Barnes Catering, when putting your menu together we can suggest what foods are in season to create a dish with inly the finest local produce.

Local food is popular because consumers are interested in knowing where food comes from and how its production affects the economy, the nutritional value and taste of food, and the environment. Farmer's markets tend to be more personable than big brand producers, allowing people to get more information about the food they intend to eat.

The rise of locally sourced produce has become something that is now socially respected. Opting for locally sourced foods supports small farms, which in turn supports local communities and economies.

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